Sunday, October 07, 2007

The Journey to the Dark Side is Complete

AT&T has put its mark on the Batman Building.

In news unrelated to building itself, another corporate media giant at NBC is asking AT&T to "filter the internet," which is exactly what each of the telecoms are striving to do. As Terry Heaton points out:
Technology is blowing the whole entertainment world apart, and rather than seek creative — and profitable — solutions, the people who run the giants of the copyright cartel keep trying to pull the whole thing back under their control. They are joined by the giant Telcos, who are their allies in the command-and-control battle in Congress. If the Telcos can create a tiered Web, where only those with deep pockets get the quality bandwidth, then Zucker will have his wish. Bring on those “unclogged” pipes that are filled only with pirated property. While I’m sure he doesn’t think so, Zucker is actually a puppet in the hands of AT&T.

If a tiered Web happens, it will stymie innovation, but it won’t stop the personal media revolution. And this is the real problem that the studios don’t want to consider, because, well, anybody can produce crap.
NBC is pillow-talking AT&T into filtering the internet because the news media now has little to do with reporting the news and much to do with making and hoarding money. And AT&T certainly wants its cut of the massive profits of a tiered web.

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