Thursday, October 25, 2007

Still No Response from Senator Thelma Harper or Representative Mary Pruitt

Two weeks ago today I sent my elected officials in the General Assembly, Senator Harper and Representative Pruitt, a letter asking for their response on making Bicentennial Mall a safer state park in the wake of the rape of a Germantown woman by a homeless man there. On Monday--still not having received a response from either--I contacted their offices by phone to ask about receipt of my letter.

Ms. Harper's assistant told me that she did not know whether the Senator had seen my letter, but that someone from her advisory staff would call me that afternoon to let me know. I still have not received a phone call from anyone in Ms. Harper's office. Ms. Pruitt's staff contact told me that she had no record of my letter, which I sent by e-mail. So, I forwarded a copy of the letter again yesterday. Soon afterwards I received confirmation of receipt of the letter and a promise to give it to Ms. Pruitt.

I understand that things can happen, but I'm bummed about the long delay in receiving acknowledgement of my letter in both offices. I am really disappointed in Thelma Harper's staff, who seem to fail to keep their word that they will follow-up when they say they will. I will continue to post on whatever response, or lack thereof, I get.

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  1. You may be waiting a very long time. I have asked Pruitt for her position on pending legislation at least six times in the last five years. I have never received anything but delays and excuses from her assistant.