Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Bread for the Preds

CatMac sees a month-by-month pattern of public education sinking in Mayor Karl Dean's short list of priorities with more emphasis placed lately on finding funding for the already well-subsidized private professional hockey team. The seeming shifts in his priorities remind her of a scene from a old Steve Martin movie:

I cannot find much fault with the high priority she places on education and her interest in not letting the new Mayor off the hook in order to rescue the Nashville Predators, who as far as I know have not sold out a match yet to demonstrate the commitment of their fan base. I think it is fair to ask those who support the attempt to subsidize the Preds with public dollars whether they have been showing their support by attending all of the matches or by buying season tickets to help fill the seats. That is a fair expectation with the power to convince some of the rest of us that hockey is indeed wildly popular enough to keep here or that an empty building instead of a partially filled one would indeed be the great tragedy about which they wax ominous.

And I only wish that at-Large Charlie Tygard would get as passionate about attempts to undermine our public schools as he does a perceived threat from other cities luring the Preds away from Nashville. Maybe one day we'll fund our schools and Mr. Tygard will have to have a bake sale to fund a hockey team.

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  1. Every time I watch that scene, it makes me laugh.

    If you print up your Charlie comment on a t-shirt, I'll wear it with you to the next Council meeting.