Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Jim Cooper Questions State Department, Gets Targeted on Blackwater Astroturf

U.S. Representative Jim Cooper asks Bush Administration officials for reports of Blackwater investigations requested 6 months ago (the audio and video are annoyingly out of sync):

What stands out to me beyond the stonewalling and excuse-making of Assistant Sec'y of State Richard Griffin is the fact that he justifies the hiring of Blackwater based on the concept that we would be out of Iraq in 2 years in contrast to using military personnel who would be enlisted for 20 years. Mr. Cooper's follow-up about staying only 2 years in Iraq was adroit.

Nonetheless, Mr. Cooper is drawing fire over at a Blackwater Notroots Blog for his questioning of Blackwater CEO Erik Prince. A local attempt to be stitched into the astroturf has ensued; I doubt it will be long before the BWBlog links her as "friendly."

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