Thursday, October 18, 2007

News 2 Political Blogger Finds Another City Paper Screw-up

It was just this past July that the Nashville City Paper erroneously stuck a picture of squeaky clean Council Member Mike Jameson next to a story on donations to council candidates by convention center lobbyists. Now comes word from WKRN's Adam Kleinheider that the City Paper plastered a picture of David Briley next to a story on his brother Rob Briley's recent personal problems (photo credit: Adam Kleinheider).

Nearly every time I've written about errors in the City Paper someone accuses me of unfairly singling them out. So, I'm glad that a blogger held in higher esteem by the local print media beat me to the catch this time. But I will quite readily pass along news of another botched NCP story.


  1. That's really unfair of you to single out this News 2 political blogger who singled out the City Paper.

  2. Wow, that is a pretty sizable mistake, too. Of course, Brewer will probably say I'm "leading the charge" against his news team. It's happened before.