Tuesday, October 09, 2007

School Board Rezoning Plan Would Close Salemtown's Feeder Elementary

Fresh off the press: the School Board rezoning plan slates Brookmeade Elementary for closure due to low numbers of students. I do not know yet what that means for Salemtown's elementary school set. Will they be shipped out some place farther?

Also, MetroCenter's John Early Middle Magnet School would be converted into a regular zoned middle school for grades 5 through 8.

Anybody got any other news on rezoning?

UPDATE: The Tennessean has a practically useless graphic. Good luck deciphering it.


  1. Looks to me like the kids in your neighborhood will be going to school in your neighborhood. MNPS.org to link on the proposal.

  2. According to the MNPS document, it looks like the Hillwood Cluster gets reassigned to Wharton or Buena Vista for elementary.


  3. I noticed in the morning paper that at least three Board members will hold open meetings to let the public comment on the zoning changes. You live in one school board member's district but are bussed to a different school board member's district. You probably need to attend two meetings.