Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Harper Watch

Yesterday I called State Senator Thelma Harper's office asking why I have gotten no return phone calls from office staffers. A week ago Monday I was promised a return phone call within a few hours regarding a letter I sent to Sen. Harper weeks ago on Bicentennial Mall safety. The person I spoke with yesterday told me that some staff had been out of the office and unable to get back with me, but that they eventually would.

Just as she said "thank you" and started to get off the phone, I asked, "Does the staff need my phone number?" She replied, "We have it on file." I thought to myself, "Sure you do. You have been on stand-by expecting a call from this particular constituent any minute, so you know his phone number is on file without actually having to check." I will continue to wait to see if any staff member walks over to the file, pulls my phone number out, and gets back to me.


  1. She may have gotten it off the caller ID. If you called the office directly, your number would have shown up on her phone console (and her computer, if you've ever left a voicemail there).

    You may, indeed, be getting the run-around, but her failing to ask for your number isn't automatically an indication of that.

  2. I hope you're not holding your breath.