Monday, October 15, 2007

A Bill to Address Foreseeable, Unintended Consequences?

Responding to the skeptics, Craddock pointed out that doing the people's business inevitably brings "unintended consequences," so buck up and get over it. What Craddock seems not to grasp is that when consequences are foreseeable before action is taken, they no longer qualify as "unintended."

- - Bruce Barry on Council Member Michael Craddock's bill that required mobile vendors to sell their wares within "a permanent, enclosed structure"

In what looked like it could be a sequel to "The Merchant of Mayberry" a few months ago, Michael Craddock restricted the "free" in "free market" to only those businesses that had an actual roof over their heads. Tuesday Michael Craddock introduces a bill that would change the term "mobile vendor" to "outdoor vendor," in what reads like an attempt to broaden the scope of the restriction; or is this an attempt to respond to some of those unintended consequence that we were supposed to get over?

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