Sunday, March 01, 2009

Cooper Promises His Constituents He Will Not Be Seeking Any Projects on Their Behalf Next Year Either

The Tennessean puts it quite simply:
[Jim] Cooper said he will not request projects in the budget for next year.
Mr. Cooper seems more committed to the his Blue Dog coalition than he does to those whom he is supposed to represent in Middle Tennessee.

He already voted against last week's House appropriation to make $51 million in repairs to the seeping and sink-holed Center Hill Dam. If that dam is not repaired it could cause flooding across the Cumberland River Valley, including low-lying parts of Nashville. Almost two years ago I showed how a dam failure could be a major problem for almost all of East Germantown, as well as sections of Germantown and Salemtown neighborhoods.

Why is Mr. Cooper so opposed to domestic spending that could protect the welfare of our neighborhoods?


  1. Rrefresh my memory, isn't Cooper the guy who got federal highway funds to help finance the parking garage at Lipscomb University when they built Allen Arena? I might have my facts wrong on the moneypot but I'm pretty sure it was an earmark of some kind.

    Federal funds to build a parking garage at a private, religious institution. No eyebrows were raised at the time ... IIRC the argument was that because Allen Arena would hold events open to the general public it was an appropriate use of federal money.

    It seems he's not opposed to **all** federal spending.

    I think we need to hit the Google and open the memory hole on this one.

  2. Cooper is like any other Republican (yeah, that's what I said). He opposes spending that benefits anyone other than him.

    Cooper should be replaced asap. The stench of Joe Lieberman is upon him.