Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Back off, Nashville: you didn't really think you had a say in this, did you, you tools?

Via Caleb Hannan, Mayor Karl Dean's consigliare speaks as if we should just lay back and enjoy the inevitable high-dollar ordeal:
(Finance director Rich) Riebeling said the transition of management from MDHA to the Convention Center Authority will take several months. Construction of Music City Center is expected to begin in the spring. The facility is scheduled to open in early 2013.
Public deliberation and informed consent on where our revenues are headed don't seem to matter to the Mayor's office. So, we may have to restrict community center hours further, build a few less sidewalks, and shed some police protection. Mayor Dean is going to give you a big box whether you want it or not. So why do they need to pay PR specialists hundreds of thousands of Metro dollars to convince the people if they never had any intention of considering the people?

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