Friday, August 21, 2009

That was cool.

Remember when we were naive enough to believe that if we elected someone with a professional background in ethics to Metro Council it might make the subtlest difference in their conduct?

Today is it. Today is one of those kind of days I imagined in 2007: an ethicist on board to tap brakes against patronage and favoritism. Today is the day Metro Council is holding a special session to bulldoze the Mayor's convention center proposal past public questions and concerns about costs, taxes, and timing. Today is the day where we see just how entrenched business and growth special interests are in the cat herd.

The new hope, the ethicist I dreamed would rise up and shout caution is silent and absent. The only CMs raising red flags are a couple of veterans from the last council, so reviled.

Remember how cool it was to be so unsuspecting?

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