Wednesday, August 26, 2009

More of what's wrong with local media

The SouthComm Nashville beat reporter spends around half of an article on CM Mike Jameson's political career (six years or so on Metro Council) talking about Dean administration initiatives of the last two years.

He also repeats the descriptive opinions of Mayor's Office vendetta against Jameson as fact:
Dean supporters ... dislike his flair for the dramatic.
He writes as if it is objective fact that Jameson has a dramatic flair to dislike.

The City Paper has been through something like three Nashville beat reporters in the time Jameson has been in office. Where does Johnny-come-lately Nate Rau get off assuming the Courthouse communications bias du jour without reviewing the entire council career of Mike Jameson? Repeating the Dean meme, "Jameson-is-grandstanding," and bending it toward idle speculation about the opportunism of a future campaign must keep reporters out of the Dean dog house, too. (Note that, with Rau, whenever Jameson doesn't criticize Dean initiatives, it's because he's in the Mayor's dog house).

This is more shoddy, shilling SouthComm reporting that looks like a veiled hit piece designed to frame subtle interpretations of an erstwhile Karl Dean supporter who chose to oppose on principle.

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