Tuesday, August 18, 2009

CM Gilmore Joins Proponents to Reconsider Council's Vote on Convention Center Authority

District 19 CM Erica Gilmore joined four three other council members to second CM Mike Jameson's motion to reconsider in two weeks tonight's vote to authorize the Mayor's proposed convention center authority.

During debate on the authority, CM Michael Craddock told his fellow members that he supported the proposed authority because the council would have the power to remove "bad" authority members if they had 27 votes. That is cold comfort to those who see the big money influence on these council members during the last election. 27 votes would be nearly impossible given the influence growth interests have on council members.

Given the lapses in accountability that we've seen during the past two weeks in management of the convention center contracts, I don't see why we should push so quickly toward getting the process back on track without more study and discussion. Until someone can explain to me the virtues of fast-tracking this, Gilmore's support for Jameson looks rational to me.

UPDATE: On her Twitter feed earlier tonight, former council member Lynn Williams responded to Michael Craddock's claim that bad members could be removed by council by tweeting, "Never happens." I'm not the only one who sees council power over the new authority as empty solace. And Williams speaks from first hand experience.

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