Tuesday, August 25, 2009

WPLN Responds to Micro-blogged Charges of Bias

WPLN's twitter feed posted a link to its station's response to criticism tweeted by a partner of a local translation firm that a previous WPLN story on the convention center was biased. Here is WPLN's response:
JLibbey said:
This statement is opinion, not fact: "mismanaged pre-construction contracts". Blake is showing his bias.

Another message to WPLN: “Is he reporting or writing editorials?

Response from the news department:
The folks charged with oversight of MDHA and its management of the convention center predevelopment admit contracts weren't managed properly.

Rich Riebling, finance director, on WPLN: "We've sort of let the project down a little bit."

Mayor Karl Dean from a press release: "Questions about spending on this project are valid and deserve to be answered."

Dean from a letter to the Metro Council: "I do not believe that having an open-ended contract with a vendor is a fiscally responsible approach to managing this project."

Councilman Michael Craddock on WPLN: "MDHA is throwing it (tax dollars) away over there."
This is a somewhat disjointed, thrown-together, and rapid fire reply via Twitter, but is it a signal that local media is making a stand against charges of bias by issuing their own talking points?

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  1. Blake Farmer's response was thrown together. All he did was quote other people. Makes me question how good he is at researching and corroborating facts for his stories.