Tuesday, August 11, 2009

PR Peas to the Mayor's Pod

Jeff Woods on the enmeshment of Karl Dean and McNeely, Pigott, and Fox:
MP&F snuggled up to Karl Dean during his election campaign. When it became apparent he would win, their flacks suddenly started appearing around the candidate, ingratiating themselves and offering unneeded advice. This MDHA contract was one of the firm's rewards. Dean should have told MP&F to take a hike when he had the chance.
The Mayor's office continues its slouch toward the bottom of the rankings of Metro's services for 2009.

MP&F was not the only private party to ingratiate itself to Karl Dean at the 2007 election. The City Paper printed a partial list of people who attended a reception to help Dean pay off his campaign debts:
Longtime Nashville businessman Bobby Joslin hosted a reception for new Mayor Karl Dean last Wednesday at his Joslin and Son Signs headquarters on Murfreesboro Pike. About 75-100 people showed .... [T]he party included former Metro Councilman Roy Dale, former at-large Councilman Adam Dread and his wife Kasey, lobbyist and public relations man Joe Hall, developer Bill Hostettler, restaurateur Mike Kelly, insurance executive Jack Spann. Waller Lansden attorney James Weaver, former Metro Councilman and Vice Mayor Jay West, land use litigation attorney Tom White and both Pete Dickson and Bobby Pitts of Associated Builders & Contractors were there.

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