Sunday, August 02, 2009

Woodland-in-Waverly Left out of Mayor Dean's Communication Loop

On the Nashville neighborhoods e-list, Pete Horton answers a query about why so few neighborhood leaders showed up last month to the Mayor's Night Out:
Our Woodland-in-Waverly neighborhood never got a notice to put in the newsletter. We publish a neighborhood list and a District 17 list and we've never gotten a notice for those either. Our Councilman told us about one five years ago in our District that we went to, and we heard about one up in Madison that we went to a couple years ago. Subsequently we heard about one in West Nashville and the one Mike mentioned recently at the John Henry Hale homes. That's it; we've known about four. I thought they were random events publicized exclusively through the Council members and that they did not want the whole city to feel invited. We had a big crowd at the one in Dist. 17 that we promoted on our newsgroup and a lot of other promoted it too in other ways, but in Madison it was more officials than citizens.
Doesn't it defeat the purpose of a Mayor's Night Out for Nashvillians not to publicize it to many Nashvillians?


  1. All you have to do to be in the loop for these event announcements is sign up for the free mayor's office e-lletter. That's how I first heard about the JHH event.

  2. Seems like I remember some confusion even on our end as to whether Nashvillians outside of John Henry Hale were invited. I remember confirming w/my source outside of S-town that we could attend the event and then the SNNA prez forwarded an e-mail from Scott Wallace at MOON confirming that we could send someone. Was the Mayor's e-letter ever brought up in that discussion?

  3. I don't think so. I read about the event there before the discussion you referenced.

    The newsletter article did not specify whether residents of surrounding neighborhoods were invited to attend. You and Freddie cleared that up after I saw the email.

    In any case, I was just suggesting the e-letter as a resource for info. Perhaps occasional follow-up with MOON may be necessary, but at least people would be aware of events.