Friday, August 07, 2009

Quote of the Week

I just want to beg you for the next two years when we consider a project that’s going to cost $1 billion for this city, at a time when we can’t meet Metro budgets and we’re letting people go, I’m just asking you that when you sit your butts in these chairs, that you do it unfettered by inappropriate influence.
- -Council Member Mike Jameson in remarks regarding alleged lobbying by McNeely, Pigott, and Fox for the Mayor's convention center proposal

1 comment:

  1. Councilman Jameson spoke the truth and outed the good ole boys. He should be applauded, yet that probably will not happen.

    The good ole boys at the council kiss Karl Dean's behind because the high rollers who put them in office tell them to do so. If Michael Craddock had said it, he would be considered a hero for protecting the taxpayers' money. Let's face it, Craddock's (and Gotto too) a good ole boy.

    It's so like high school. When the thugs, the popular crowd, or the jocks do something, it's news. When the smart guys do the same thing, the others are ready to jump on him.

    Nashville needs to stand up behind Jameson and insist there is more investigation.

    Asking citizens like me for my tax money to throw away with MDHA is not my idea of democracy or fiscal responsibility.