Monday, October 01, 2007

Double Booking the North End

Scheduling the Tennessee History Festival on Bicentennial Mall for the same day as Germantown's Oktoberfest: do they conflict or compliment? Do they mutually draw or drain? Do revellers and historians cross-pollinate back and forth across Jeff Street? Will polka dancers participate in the World War II mock battle? Will young men carrying the ubiquitous Paulaner steins harass the guy playing Hernando De Soto? Will there be any parking to be had anywhere between Downtown and MetroCenter?


  1. Great question.

    Last year was the first year these two events coincided, and they increased attendance for both events. As coordinator of the race, I work closely with park rangers at the BMSP and we got rave reviews last year for helping increase the traffic flow to the History Festival.

    While the double booking wasn't planned, it works out well for all groups involved, even in parking is at a premium.

  2. Not for me.

    I'm just going to sit 1/2 way between Tommy Pasta and the nearest keg of Heifeweizen. I wonder if I can use the stein I bought last year?

  3. Yes, you can. We've had the same steins 3 years running now.