Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Two Weeks in the Dark behind Schöne Ansicht

Remember way back two weeks ago when I posted a piece on the dismantling of a promised streetlight in the alley behind the Schöne Ansicht development, and how I argued that it constituted the breakage of a promise that the development team had made to the neighborhood a long time ago? Remember that in the comments owner Steve Yokley said that NES was in error and that they were coming out to "correct the problem"?

Well, we are at 14 days and counting since the event and the driveway and alley behind Schöne Ansicht are still pitch black. Now, it's Mr. Yokley's light and he can do whatever he wants with or without it. But I would still argue that if you ever do business with him or any of the people behind Schöne Ansicht, you better get their promises notarized and in writing before you take them at their word.

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  1. Dr Byrd,
    Thanks for the update. John Harber with NES (he's in charge of street light installations) has us scheduled to get reinstalled (I spoke with him for the second time on Tuesday). There's really nothing more that I can do to expedite the installation. It would've been much easier to stop the crew members from removing the light on that day, than to get put back into the bottom of the queue. I'll give you an update when I get a date and time.

    Thanks for the call.

    Steve Yokley