Sunday, June 08, 2008

Vista Germantown Construction Starts Late Summer

These apartments will sit between 5th and 6th and Madison and Jefferson. Here's Bristol Development's rendering.

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  1. Wow, that's a lot of one-bedroom units. In October I reclined under a tree with while sipping Lychee-infused Italian Soda from the DrinkHaus and watched job satisfaction at its finest. A machine operator destroyed everything in sight ripping steel beams and pulling wires like he was playing the crane game winning stuffed animals. I was wondering what this development was going to look like.
    Shortly thereafter I climbed the side of the walls at the Bicentennial Mall where the Globe style amphitheater exists. After running and jumping across a vast expanse of stairs I continued my run up the Capitol and across Legislative Plaza that was teaming with skateboarders as my comrade and I made ground as we ran to the Parthenon where there was a Capoeira demonstration happening of which we partook in before returning to play Berimbau and throw water balloons at people who were stopped at a stop sign. Good day.