Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Tennessee Republicans Have No Room to Lecture Anyone Else about Prejudice against Religion

The same state party that shows and tolerates prejudice against non-Christian religious groups presumes to lecture a Jew about criticizing a Christian whom they barely even know.  TNGOP tried to whip up anti-Muslim bigotry by playing up Obama's Islamic name.  TNGOP tolerates a Red County GOP that baselessly slanders an entire immigrant Muslim group in Nashville.

And now Robin Smith is acting all indignant about Congressman Steve Cohen for cutting through the aura Republicans are attempting to brush in around relative unknown Governor Sarah Palin in contrast to Obama's one time experience as a community organizer.  All Cohen did was reinforce the idea that being a Governor in and of itself does not guarantee good governance and the idea that Jesus built a movement of people like community organizers do.  The fact that Ms. Smith would even evoke the legacy of horrible anti-Semitism exercised by Christian majorities in America in criticism of a Jewish Congressman is incredible and hypocritical.

Frankly, there is absolutely no comparison with discomfort SOME Christians may feel at comparisons of Jesus to community organizers and the virulent hostility and persecution that Jews have borne in American history.  For Ms. Smith to place them side by side is to minimize and deny the significance of Jewish suffering.  White Christians never faced any threat like the Ku Klux Klan or the German American Bund.  So, not only have Tennessee Republicans shown hostility towards Muslims, but now the head of TNGOP is being insensitive toward Jews, too, and in the name of winning an election.


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