Thursday, September 11, 2008

Video Report of Williamson County GOP Racist "Outrage" against Kurds by News 2

Here's the WKRN interview with Isa Tayip of Tennessee Kurdish Community Council. Reporter Tiani Jones tried to reach Williamson County GOP without response. Mr. Tayip warns the GOP that many Kurdish immigrants are citizens who can vote:

The priceless part of Jones' report is when she plays the website recording of the head of the GOP who claims that they are a "big tent" organization that includes people of diverse religions and races. The Williamson County Republicans. Yeah, sure. Their diversity tent is likely huge, if dog houses can be huge.

Here is my original blog post on the story from Monday. Please post and share the video (to get embedding code, click on the envelope icon in the bottom bar and then click on the "grab" button), especially with immigrant communities in Tennessee to keep them informed about Republican Party prejudice and hatred that may be directed their way.

UPDATE: Thanks to Christian Grantham at News 2 for generously linking my post as the "original blog report" on the text version of their story.

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  1. I just wanted to drop a note of thanks for your blog posts on this earlier. I'm about to link up your original post to our online report.