Friday, June 02, 2006

Council Member Charlie Tygard Looks to the Past to Repair the Council's Current Reputation

Instead of looking for present solutions to problems of street cred right in front of him, Charlie Tygard is reportedly hosting a reunion of living former Council members to hear their ideas for reviving the good old days when patronage ruled in place of public counsel (lately the good old days seems to include today). Is he serious or just getting the good 'ole boys back together to wax nostalgic? Not all "institutional knowledge" is worth keeping. Dare we ask if the June 7 breakfast--to include apparently at least 70 place settings--is being paid for by Metro taxpayers?

1 comment:

  1. Charlie is running for vice-mayor. Hooking up and trying to create a "dialogue" with the old members creates a campaign connection. Soon, those old councilmembers will be called upon to do a little campaigning for the term-limited councilman. It doesn't take too much to see through Charlie.