Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Know When To Fold 'Em: Ludye Wallace Caught Visiting His Actual Constituents

He might be innocent until proven guilty in the courts of law, but in the court of my opinion, Metro Council member Ludye Wallace getting cited for high-stakes gambling in a "social club" over on Buchanan Street fits right in with what I see as a lack of character and lapse of ethics he regularly exhibits. Whether it is defending gang graffiti as art, ignoring ethics rules and accepting gifts from companies that could benefit from council action, sponsoring the notion of cluttering our neighborhoods with Vegas-style video billboards, holding closed meetings about important votes with other Council members, trading his vote for school board summer substitute Kay Brooks for a back alley, or ignoring the values of those of us in his district, Ludye Wallace has consistently shown himself to be of low moral caliber as a public servant. While Ludye can also be criticized for conducting his Tennessean interview on his gambling citation during Tuesday's council meeting, it is not necessarily a bad thing; he cannot do too much damage to the community if the press is distracting him from his council responsibilities. I find it much more troubling that he identifies the home (a.k.a. "social club") of a suspected illegal numbers bookie as a routine councilmanic visit in his district.

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