Sunday, June 18, 2006

HGTV Comes to Salemtown

Two of my relatively new neighbors, Jeff and Morgan, found their house in Salemtown with the help of HGTV's production, House Hunters, so they've been spending time lately with film crews. They invited us to a house warming party, which was being filmed for the last segment in their episode, (to air at some undisclosed date later in the year). Did you know that HGTV was based in Knoxville? I just found that out today.

I wasn't jealous at all of Jeff and Morgan getting the air time. They are a vibrant couple who look good in pictures. I was completely jealous of how great their grass looked. I couldn't find a single weed.

The guests were well-fed and well-behaved. The man in black at the deck rail is the renowned John H. of the blog Salem's Lots.

I was amazed that the rain held off for the filming.

It must have been meant to be; apparently, there are no accidents on HGTV.

Morgan chats it up with her captivated audience in real time and for broadcast time. I think that their dog, Stinky, stole the show.


  1. apparently THEIR builder didn't bury 17 tons of construction debris two inches below the barely disguised top soil..

    There were certainly a lot better looking peeps there than me to point a camera towards, but i do thank you for the word 'renowned'. Now if I could only get the people in my freakin' family to read my blog..

  2. On second thought, in order to really be renown don't I have to have some kind of shadow blogger - John Hb - with some kind of shadow site, Salems Lotss, posting on other people sites?

    Is one of your anonymous 'fans' working his way out of mom's closet?

  3. Shadow sites and their attack bloggers are actually testimony to the deep traction that one's arguments have in debates, IMO. The site in question seems to be a reaction to the Kay Brooks dust-up. My page load and visitor numbers bounced big with my coverage of that Council fiasco, and I think that someone connected to her campaign or with the Council conservative junta is attempting to insure that a Technorati or Google search will pull in their terribly transparent, poorly written spin on the Kay Brooks' views. However, misleading by commenting on other people's blogs under my name is just plain rude and it reflects chicken-shit handiwork.

    As for anonymous commenters, I respect that all commenters have their reasons for anonymity; but when they continue to press their points under the security of that cloak, their anonymity needs to be put on the table. I generally don't respond to positive anonymous quotes on Enclave; and I may respond once or twice with negative ones, but as I've said, I don't waste my time with those who hide and snipe. Anonymous comments are the ones most likely to be removed from Enclave.