Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Salemtown Block Grant Citizen Advisory Committee Reprioritizes Slate of Possible Projects

As I reported last month, the Salemtown CAC culled a new list of possible projects on which to spend federal block grant monies based on our previous meetings with Metro Public Works. Last night after what seemed to be the most vigorous debate the committee has had in the past year, members voted to reprioritize the projects left after Metro Public Works identified those that fell under its jurisdiction. Here is a list of the remaining possible projects the committee voted on and the votes that they received last night:

  1. Distinctive street I.D. signs (name blades) -- 8*
  2. Trash receptacles on streets -- 7
  3. Traffic slowing, decorative bulb curb extensions -- 6*
  4. Decorative crosswalks -- 5*
  5. Speed bumps -- 5*
  6. Roundabouts -- 5*
  7. Seed money for children/elderly programs -- 5
  8. Decorative street lights -- 4
  9. Decorative neighborhood entry signs -- 3
  10. Tennis courts -- 3
  11. Microparks -- 3
  12. Lamp posts w/banners -- 2
  13. Public art on 5th Av. -- 2*
  14. Medians -- 1
  15. Purchase blighted lots -- 0
  16. Bury power lines underground -- 0
*I voted for these

Yesterday's results were somewhat different than January's. Street signs remain the favorite in both votes. Entryway signs dropped precipitously from the top to the bottom of the first 10 items. Traffic calming seems a concern as both speed bumps and roundabouts, neither of which got votes in January, each got 5 strong votes last night. Traffic bulbs also jumped in voting. Trash receptacles only got one vote in January, but flipped 6 more in June. Morgan Park tennis courts and decorative street lights were gainers. Public art got 2 more votes than it did in January. Staying about the same were seed money, lamp posts w/banners, purchase blighted lots and buried power lines. Medians lost the most votes and dropped out of the running on concerns that the fire department might oppose the reduction of navigable street space.

If so inclined, please do comment on the June vote results and share your thoughts either here or via my e-mail.

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