Thursday, June 08, 2006

Jason Hart's Lack of Interest "on the Safe Side"

Council member Jason Hart, who allegedly lied in a letter to a constituent about being contacted by a low number of people who asked him to vote for candidate Gracie Porter to fill a vacant school board seat until August 3, seems to be stretching the truth again about checking out Ms. Porter's personnel file. At least so says reporter William Dean Hinton of the Nashville Scene.

Hinton tells us that we do know that someone requested a copy of her file. Further:
Jason Hart first insists he has no interest in viewing Porter’s file, though he says it would be a “good idea” if somebody did. Then comes confirmation from city attorneys that they’re waiting for Jason Hart to look at the file, which they’d received through [Metro Clerk Marilyn] Swing’s office.

After a second call to Jason Hart, he says he didn’t request it but knows who did: a constituent who had a dispute with Porter. “He called me two or three weeks ago because he wanted to find out what her deal was,” says Hart, whose son Bradley attends Metro schools. “I told him to call the clerk’s office and pull the record.” Hart muses that he might decide to view Porter’s file as a precursor to voting. “I should take a look at it,” he says, “just to be on the safe side.”
Mmm-hmm. First he says he has no interest, then when confronted with the truth that the file is waiting for his attention he claims an interest. That's a little reckless for the son of a candidate who has a history of shoplifting and wanton spending as a Council member.

And do you think that Kay Brooks-coach Michael Craddock stayed above the fray? Nope. He climbed right down into the political swill by insinuating something nasty to Hinton about Ms. Porter without any evidence simply because someone had requested her file. No chance that someone like Jason Hart could be requesting it for political purposes there Mr. Craddock? Any chance you'll find any sense of humility any time soon?

As for her record, Hinton says that there was one critical evaluation in an otherwise stellar personnel file. That critical evaluation came late from Director Pedro Garcia. Hart, Craddock, and Brooks have made it clear that they care for little if anything having to do with Pedro Garcia, so let's just watch to see if they sink to the hypocrisy of using his comments to dig at Porter as August 3 grows closer.

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