Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Democratic Voter Disgust with Congress and with the Democratic Party

The Pew Research Center study to which I just referred also found that the anti-incumbency among voters is stronger now than it was in 1994, when the Republicans swept into control of Congress.
  • 38% of independent voters want their Congress members to be replaced in 2006; in 1994 only 27% of independents wanted their members replaced.
  • In 2006, 66% of Democrats want their members of the Republican-controlled Congress replaced; in 1994, 64% of Republicans wanted their members of the Democratic-controlled Congress replaced.
  • Far more voters (38%) than during the Reagan, Bush I, or Clinton mid-terms say that their vote this year is a vote against the incumbent president (George W. Bush).
  • 45% of voters say that Congress has accomplished less than usual; 38% of voters in 1994 said that Congress accomplished less than usual. Of those saying that Congress has accomplished less now, 56% blame Republican leaders, 24% blame both parties leaders, 17% blame Democratic leaders.
According to the same poll, Democrats are more enthusiastic than Republicans are now and than Republicans were in 1994 to vote in the mid-term elections; and Democrats are more optimistic than pessimistic that their party will do better in November. However, only 34% of Democrats or independents who lean Democratic believe that the Democratic Party is doing a good job standing up for its traditional planks on protecting the interests of minorities, helping the poor and the needy, and representing working people. (Take note, you blue dog Dems like Jim Cooper). 64% say that the Party is doing only a fair or poor job fighting for those planks.

Sounds like to me that the Democratic Party is as due as the U.S. Congress for an overhaul.

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  1. It should be noted, S-Mike, that as far as Tn Dems go, he's about the best we got. I'm hoping Spragens can bring him back to the left a bit...