Monday, June 12, 2006

Thursday's School Board Candidates Forum Update Updated

Last night I posted the League of Women Voters' list of school board candidates who have committed to the League to attending the candidates forum on Thursday. Today I received a much shorter list from Stands for Children with the names of candidates who have given a "definite yes" to attending. Here is the SFC list:
  1. Jo Ann Brannon (District 2)
  2. Steve Glover (District 4)
  3. Lawrence Hart (District 5)
  4. Gracie Porter (District 5)
  5. Kathleen Harkey (District 8)
The rest of the candidates on the NLWV list have not returned SFC questionnaires, and thus, may or may not be expected to attend. They include:

District 2:
Terri Harris
Michael Kerstetter

District 5:
Kay Brooks

District 6:
Karen Johnson
Duane Dominy
Mebenin Awipi (whose name is misspelled in the NLWV list)

District 8:
David Fox

If the candidates in your district are on the second list, you may want to follow up with them to verify whether they are going to attend the candidates forum, since the NLWV and SFC co-sponsors seem to differ on who is definitely going to be there on Thursday.


  1. Where's 'our' guy? Isn't Kendall our rep?

  2. "Our guy" is the other "Mr. Cell Phone Overages," George Thompson of District 1. His term runs through 2008.

  3. whoops, my ignorance is showing...I'm still used to Kathleen being 'my' rep.

  4. is Rodney Mullins running for school board? will he be at the forum?