Friday, September 07, 2007

The Advent of the iCult

BusinessWeek blogger, Heather Green, tips her cap to a local blogger, Rex Hammock, and comes out with one of my favorite lines about rabid iPodpeople:
What's really entertaining is watching the shock of the uberhip geeks [at this week's announced iPhone $200 price cut], who were just so proud of being part of a cult that waited in line and ponyied up so much to have the first iPhones.

Disclaimer: I have an iPod myself, but I view it to be matériel, not an object of my veneration or affection. I threw the little white apple bumper sticker that came with it away. And the international devotion to everything Apple bores me, and not because I choose to compute on a PC; I could have easily chosen Apple, but as nothing more than a tool.


  1. I've always laughed at the Apple fanboys. Apple brings to the mainstream some great products/ideas that early adopters and tech savvy (cue OpenSource crowd) pioneered months if not years earlier. Oh yeah - and ours usualy cost 25%-50% less than Apples.

  2. I have an iPhone. I don't worship it or Apple, but it is a fun tool. Here's my take:

    What's really entertaining is watching the sad smugness of the neverhip geeks [at this week's announced iPhone $200 price cut], who are so strangely concerned with how I choose to spend my money.

    I bought it, I like it, no regrets. Green can get over herself.