Monday, September 24, 2007

Are Strings Attaching to Dean?

The City Paper reports that the most baronesque of Nashville's captains of industry, sign monger Bobby Joslin, hosted a post-election love-in fundraiser and influence peddle for new Mayor Karl Dean that included developers, insurance executives, and lobbyists.

Joslin, a puppeteer behind the Dozier campaign who acts like the Metro Council and the Mayor's Office are his own personal cash cows, once put Mayoral Candidate David Briley among goats at his left hand for suggesting that Metro balance business interests and neighborhood interests, instead of letting development run roughshod over community.

This kind of patronage pow-wow smells funky, and I hope that it is not a signal that I am going to have to regret my vote for Karl Dean. This is not a positive first step out of the gate on Mr. Dean's part.


  1. I'm trying to pick one:

    "Those who vote for the lesser of two evils will never elect the good."

    "Absolute power corrupts absolutely."

  2. It is great to know that I am not the only one who is keenly aware of Mr. Joslin's personal interest in everything he lobbies the council for. The last straw for me to give Bobby Joslin any benefit of doubt came when he printed and donated those "Gays and Lesbians support {insert local council candidate's name]" for three races that he was personally and financially involved in. I hope the city of Nashville can push out these business interests that are only interested in self preservation which is often not in the best interest of Nashville.

  3. Wasn't Dean adamant that he wasn't going to do any fundraising to recoup his personal campaign contributions.....