Saturday, September 29, 2007

Almost 70% Could Not Care Less

A Fox News poll via TPM: 56% of American never heard of Add the 11% who have no opinion about the partisan organization, and I would say that a substantial majority of Americans are not moved on or moved against the Patraeus NY Times ad. Those aspiring blogger-candidates--not exactly philosopher-kings or warrior-poets--who are moved against tend to inflate the significance of newspaper ads on the general electorate. They look a little needy for conservative fringe votes in their next run.


  1. Move-On spammed my mailbox for months until I couldn't take it anymore and removed myself from their mailing list. They're as annoying as their conservative counterparts.

    I seriously tried to give them a chance... but they repeatedly proved themselves to be the puppets of democrat propaganda. I give them the same attention I give Michael Savage... none.

  2. I wonder if a poll was conducted about blogs and bloggers, how many Amerikans would know what that was? However, ask them about an episode of American Galdiator from 10 years ago and they would know every detail. Bill Hicks was a prophet.