Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Bogus Claims of Liberal Media Bias in Column Syndication

Media Matters released a significant study that basically debunks charges of liberal media bias on America's newspaper editorial pages.

Here is one of the many very interesting findings:
[L]ooking across the data it becomes clear that at every circulation level, one finds more papers that skew to the right on the op-ed pages. This difference is modest within the largest papers -- the 103 papers with circulations over 100,000 -- but becomes an enormous gap that grows larger at each smaller level of circulation.
The bias is overwhelmingly red and not nearly balanced, as indicated in one of Media Matters' own pie charts:

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  1. This is the most flawed study I have read in a while, and I understand how to read social science studies.

    I have provided for you the most thorough analysis on the Internet of Media Matters' study. You can read it below.

    Media Matters Spouts its Own Flawed Study as Fact: How They Did It, In Great Detail