Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Local Campaign Contributions Included in Teamsters' New York State Financial Disclosure Form; Hall's Is among Them

Metro Nashville candidates for public office received over $16,000 from the Teamsters Union's DRIVE contributions in July 2007, according to an online New York State financial disclosure form dated today. While the form indicates that money was sent to candidates across the country, Nashville's candidates predominate the list.

One campaign contribution stood out to me on that list: "Friends of Daron Hall" (Sheriff) received $1,000 from the Teamsters. The Sheriff's Office election was not on this past August's ballot, so I'm wondering why Mr. Hall would merit such a large contribution at levels consistent with other candidates on the ballot last month. Also, the address listed for "Friends of Daron Hall" is in Williamson County, about a mile west of the "Governors Club" gated golf course community. Williamson County?

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