Tuesday, September 04, 2007

What's Better Than Voting for Megan Barry Once? Getting to Vote for Her Again!

I voted today. I voted for Megan Barry for Council-at-Large today.

This has been a public service announcement to remind you to go vote in the Metro run-off elections, especially if you are predisposed to vote for Megan Barry, the only candidate on the ballot with ethics oversight experience.

You can still vote early until Thursday or vote in the regular run-off on 9/11. Either way, vote for Megan Barry for Council-at-Large!


  1. "What's Better Than Voting for Megan Barry Once? Getting to Vote for Her Again!" Puh-leez.

    I'm looking forward to NOT voting for Berry for the second time. Why? Because she's a leftist nutbucket who's married to an even bigger leftist nutbucket.

    If Berry's elected it'll only be a matter of time before she introduces a big steaming pile of left-wing nitwittery - like legislation to make Nashville a sanctuary city for illegals or an anti-war resolution - in the Metro Council.

    Megan Berry? Why don't we just dig up Bella Abzug and run her for Council-at-Large?

  2. Re: "nutbucket" & "nitwittery"

    I can see you are into serious and substantive debates on public policy on the merits.

    Do you make a habit of so trivially consuming valuable time and space with such overwrought garbage?