Saturday, September 22, 2007

Hillary Clinton Just Got More Cred in My Book

If conservative groups have the right to criticize decorated war heroes like Democrats George McGovern* and John Kerry, then liberals have the right to criticize General Petraeus as the catalyst of the failed Bush foreign policy in Iraq without the risk of being jailed by Guliani or being wrist-slapped by 72 U.S. Senators who care more about newspaper ads than they do about soldiers with overdrawn rotations in Iraq.

Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was one Democrat voting against the Senate's newspaper ad paper tiger. Christopher Dodd was the other one. Barack Obama did not vote. Up until now, Hillary was not even a possibility for me in '08. Her vote made me take notice.

*Despite the fact that McGovern was a decorated WWII bomber pilot who flew 35 missions over North Africa and saved his crew by crash landing his plane on an island, he has been vilified as a beaten symbol of liberalism by Republicans because of his opposition to the Vietnam War and his 1972 loss to Richard Nixon.

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