Wednesday, September 26, 2007

My Eyes Are Peeled on This One, Brainstem

My friend, Sean Braisted, beat me to this City Paper news that new at-Large Council Member Jerry Maynard is having a fundraiser with some very influential Nashvillians to help him pay off his campaign debt. Sean is much less cynical and much more charitable than I am and he suggests that we give Mr. Maynard a chance since this is not a big deal as Sean sees it. But he also calls upon us watchdogs to keep tabs on the situation.

I feel more like a hangdog right now: after seeing the news earlier on Karl Dean's post-election Joslin-connection, I'm plain disappointed that a second leader for whom I cast a vote in the run-off is getting all tied up with big-money company, which has a very keen interest in Metro Council decisions.

The company Mr. Maynard keeps may not lend to balance when decisions get made. Here is a list of the contributors that the City Paper names:
  • Adam Dread--lawyer who helped Davidson Co. Republicans prop up Kay Brooks on the School Board
  • Other lawyers: Keith Simmons, Bob Tuke, James Weaver
  • Multiple lobbyists: Jane Alvis, Peter Heidenreich, Joe Hall, Abby Trotter
  • Roy Dale--Dale and Associates Engineering and Architecture firm who designed the controversial water holding system for a Salemtown development
  • Other developers and contractors: Bill Hostettler, Bill Knestrick
  • Nashville Chamber of Commerce Chair Darrell Freeman
  • Convention Center proponent Bert Mathews
We will have to keep an eye on Council proceedings and watch to see whether at-Large Member Maynard sponsors bills or votes in ways that could be a conflict of interest based on his pocketbook needs rather than the broader community's welfare. It's just a shame that the post-election honeymoon ended so quickly for me.


  1. Ideally, I'd prefer it if all the candidates took only internet contributions from individuals (or have publicly funded campaigns)...but, realistically, being such a low profile race you have to go to the people who are willing to shell out the money.

    With most of the newly elected Council-people, I have no idea how they are going to vote on an issue, I just have to trust that I made the right decision in whom I supported, and voice my concerns if they turn out not to be the leaders I thought they were.

  2. What concerns me is that Sean needed to go in to debt in order to be elected. Does anyone really want government leaders who can't work within a set budget? I sure don't!

    Let's hope this isn't a sign of what we can expect from Sean.

  3. btw - I meant Jerry, not Sean - the poster above.