Friday, September 28, 2007

Phoney Soldiers

The only difference between Blackwater in Iraq and Blackwater in New Orleans is that they are mercenaries in Iraq and they are vigilantes in New Orleans.

- - A former Air Force attorney

According to NPR, private security corporation Blackwater is angling to bring its civilian-shooting ways home as it attempts to get millions of dollars in domestic contracts as a tragedy pimp. It already enjoyed a $73 million contract to protect FEMA staff in New Orleans. Be doubly prepared for any coming natural disaster: you may just be re-victimized by private hired guns for all of your hardships. And they will be paid to intimidate you and to train their gun sights on you with your own tax dollars.

1 comment:

  1. Another Phoney attorney who does not know what a "mercenary" is. I guess they do not teach english word comprehension at his university or college. Mr phoney attorney please look up the word and the true meaning of a "mercenary". You do not get to redefine the word which has been in existence for sometime now.

    Very dangerous attorneys floating out there!