Tuesday, September 11, 2007

After He Made Such a Big Friggin' Deal about Not Endorsing

I'm just curious as to why former Vice Mayor Howard Gentry appeared on the front row of long-time Karl Dean supporters behind Mr. Dean during the Mayor Elect's victory speech tonight. He took several hours less than a week ago to distance himself from some senior advisers who endorsed Mr. Dean on Gentry Campaign letterhead, but this evening I spotted him on stage like there was never equivocation. In the end, did he really need to make such a big deal about appearing non-endorsing?

UPDATE: NewsChannel5 has the answer.


  1. Gosh, I was thinking, did he really need to make such a big deal about brown-nosing?

  2. Haha, me too, anon.

    Don't you think that Neighbors, Purcell, Gentry, and half the Council members behind Dean on the victory stage all booked it over to the Adventure Science Center at like 7:35 when it looked like Dean would win?

    Brown-nosers, indeed. That's all those folks are . . . jockeying to see who gets the posh appointments in the new administration. :)

  3. Hey guys, if you were as informed as you think you are, you'd know Gentry already has a job with the Chamber of Commerce. He wasn't brown-nosing, since he was asked by the Dean people to come up on stage. He was merely supporting the new mayor and sending a signal to his supporters that they should be behind the city's new leader. Your cynical attitude about him doing something that's been done countless times before at the end of campaigns is uninformed by reality. He would have done the same had Clement won and asked him to come up. And to the original post writer, Pam Martin, Thelma Harper and some others either on the front row or near it weren't Dean supporters until the runoff either. He brought a nice mix of longtime supporters and newcomers up to show the unity that ultimately brought him victory.