Friday, September 21, 2007

Senator, the Sounds had Plenty of Chances

One would think, after botching the communication of the transition of 8th Avenue to Rosa Parks Boulevard and making the lives of some Downtown merchants more difficult, that State Senator Thelma Harper might be more cautious about inconveniencing constituents further.

Nope. She's apparently trying to talk some Council Members into throwing the city into the Nashville Franklin Sounds meat-grinder again. Do we look like we need to be further tenderized?

We left the Sounds on the mound long enough to win that game. They got the hook after they were given every chance. Let Franklin have them. It ain't going to be like the Dodgers leaving Flatbush and breaking the hearts of a bunch of bums. Abandoning a city is so last-century.

The trend everywhere is for baseball to move back to cities and reclaim its urban roots at the feet of skyscrapers. Only the Sounds could come up with the bright idea to buck that trend, to embrace outer ring sprawl, and to move to the 'burbs. Sounds good to whom?

This former season ticket holder won't miss them, Senator.

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