Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Council Member Says Church Held Hostage by Historic Overlay Bill

In his oppositional comments against council member Jason Holleman's overlay request to protect a historic church building from being replaced with a Rite-Aid tonight, Jim Gotto said that an overlay would stop church members from selling to a big box, which would make them "hostages." Mike Jameson retorted that as a boy scout he was taught to always leave a campsite better than he found it; and he encouraged the exiting church members, who were said to be in the gallery, to leave their campsite better than they found it by working with the Mr. Holleman to protect the community they are leaving. Gotto stated later that this bill needed to be pulled on first reading because church members are being "disenfranchised."

Holleman's bill was passed on first reading with 22 votes in favor.

This bill has been a subject of vigorous debate at the Nashville Charrette.

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