Sunday, December 07, 2008

School Buses Load and Unload Children Near Troublesome Market

Volcano Discount Tobacco market (the chartreuse building to the left behind the passing school bus in the photo) has been serving a suspension of its beer license for 7 days now and has 7 more to go before it can start selling beer again. Several Salemtown residents report to keeping a close eye on the market to document whether the same violation that caused the suspension--consumption of alcohol on store premises--occurs again. Last week one neighbor reported witnessing a person standing with a group at the market drinking out of a paper bag to police, but police were unable to find consumption occurring when they arrived.

One of the reasons that Salemtowners are monitoring the market is that it has been the center in the past of harassing behavior toward pedestrians, perceived drug sales, and a shooting of the store manager. The market is believed to generate unsafe conditions at the intersection of 7th and Garfield, and the problems are even more troubling given that Metro school buses pick up and drop off young children daily at 7th and Garfield. That young children would be subjected to criminal activity at Volcano Discount Tobacco is appalling. So, we'll continue to document illegal activity in the area and report it to the authorities as it happens.

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