Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Fred Thompson Had an Internet Loophole Big Enough to Drive a Truck Through

Columbia U.'s Project for Excellence in Journalism reports that the Fred Thompson Un-campaign pushed campaign law limits by campaigning online instead of in the other media. Thompson's website organizes people and money without the former Tennessee Senator ever having to announce a presidential run.


  1. In finding out if America wants you to be the next President ( instead of telling us you will be by saying whatever you think we want to hear. ) you come to us and ask; This is who I am, this is what I sincerely believe so, what do you think?

    The internet is the only place you can go to hear their answer directly from the horses mouth.

    Find out for yourself why we know Fred "gets it" and how he walks the talk;

    Fred Thompson Report Archives:



  2. You can clearly see how the Thomson campaign has been using the internet within it;s campaign for weeks. Take a look at the weekly Internet performance Index.


    This shows significant increase starting the week of 7/26 and rising every week until present!
    Fred Thompson Internet Popularity Ranking