Tuesday, December 04, 2007

And You Want to Be My Latex Salesman

It's funny how some tend to argue that government should be run like business when so many businesses run things into the ground.

Case in point: the Westin Hotel, which is now coming back to the bargaining table after admirably building enough community support to pursue their mammoth Downtown project, but then turning a 180 and whining about standards that they agreed to "LEED" with as part of the deal. Now they are about to start the whole painful approval process over again because they want to eliminate the condos planned for the deal.

Downtown Cliff has the best, most biting response to such Westin destabilization:
Let's review. The developers reps told us that:

- the hotel had to be 20 stories due to the condos
- the condos were essential to make the project viable
- but not to worry, the presence of the local folks living in the condos would help insure the long-term integrity of the project.

Now they say the project needs to shed the condos in order to be economically viable.

I can't wait to see which shade of lipstick the hired guns choose to dress up this pig.
Such are the marketing wizards that some say should effectively run governments.

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