Thursday, December 13, 2007

Dean's School Dropout Task Force DOA?

There are more CEO’s than public school teachers on this panel. What’s up with that? And some Metro public school parents are noticing that the task force includes the head of an expensive, academically prestigious private school but not a single teacher or administrator from any of the city’s academic magnet schools.

- - Bruce Barry on the Mayor's just announced "Project for Student Success" Committee

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  1. Also -- why are Julie Lamb, Marsha Warden and Garcia on this task force? How much do the members know about public schools and the challenges facing them?

    Actually the head of the elite private school in Nashville (One of the best, too if I might be so bold) is incredible. He should be able to give insite into the importance of strong leaders in the schools, excellent teachers in the classroom, challenging the students, early intervention when kids show they are struggling rather than waiting until the student is in high school and it is way to late. He will be a very good participant. It is the three I named above and I am sure others that bother me more...