Friday, December 14, 2007

Concerns about Gang-Related Violence Cancels BB Games in Suburban Antioch

Gangs ruin fun for everyone.

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  1. THis is truly sad!!

    We were at East Lit last night for a b'ball game with about 20 kids walked in that well made parents of East Lit kids say "there is going to be trouble". Parents did not know all of the kids. Someone apparently let them in the back door.

    There were no problems by the time we left half way through the varsity game. Still the feeling was not good. The lone fat cop there could not have done a thing had violence broken out. So sad this in going on in our city and our public schools.

    Still...what concerned me more was hearing that racial comments were being made by predominately white supposedly christain schools to predominately black basketball teams.

    This is 2007 -- haven't we gotten past this?