Thursday, December 20, 2007

Does Harwell Toy with the Safety of Our Children?

R. Neal on how Republican State Representative Beth Harwell (Nashville) is called upon to disclose procedures for product-safety testing of her family's toy company, which outsources its production to China, the land of lead-based, toxic playthings.

Did you buy any Big Time Toys for your kids for Christmas? Better wait for Ms. Harwell's full disclosure before giving them and be sure and check those labels for the "Made in China" sticker!

UPDATE: Check out Catherine's links in the comments below for recall items from Big Time Toys, the company's opposition to legislation banning plastic toxins, and evaluation of a Big Time Toy called "Pogo Moon Board":
"What genius came up with the idea of putting two big bubbles on the bottom of a skateboard and then tell the kid not to jump up and down?" .... The label says adult supervision is recommended, “I guess so the adult can be around to scrape the kid off the sidewalk and take him to the emergency room.”

Perhaps the kind of genius that Irwin Mainway was:

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  1. I can't attest for the veracity of anything you read on the internet, but there are a stack of Big Time Toy products on the Consumer Product Safety recall list. Here are some other links:

    Some about safety hazards in toys made by Big Time Toys,LLC:

    One about efforts to increase toy safety opposed by Big Time Toys, LLC:

    And another: