Sunday, December 23, 2007

We Wish You a Progressive Xmas

Here's the liberal power list R. Neal has served us on the last Sunday before Christmas:

A "Jingle Bells" edition of our weekly sampling from some of Tennessee's best and brightest bloggers:

• 10,000 Monkeys and a Camera: Democrats fail to show up on SCHIP, bonus: Wordless Wednesday
• Andy Axel: Brr!
• BlountViews: Gemeinschaft to Gesellschaft, also BlountViews in the news, bonus: Best Christmas music video ever
• The Crone Speaks: Bad Santa
• Cup of Joe Powell: Without restraint, totally beyond the pale, bonus: Sophie spins some Christmas soul music
• Enclave: NOLA housing crisis roundup, plus The David Bowie/Bing Crosby Christmas duet classic
• Fletch: New coal plant on fast track, plus Wordless Wednesday, bonus: 'Tis the Season
• KnoxViews: Energy bill gets 50MPG on way to White House. plus UT launches tobacco research center - anything for a buck
• Lean Left: Obama and Alter's faulty memory, plus: Huckabee's video Christmas card
• Left Wing Cracker: Larry King impersonation ramble, plus: Nat King Cole for Christmas
• Loose TN Canon: Conservative climate science ignorance on parade, bonus: Fried Cheesecake
• NewsComa: The rural factor in presidential politics, bonus: Christopher Walken's Night Before Christmas (warning: children should leave the room)
• Pesky Fly: Separated at birth, plus: McCain beneficiary of Chucklebee fallout but Romney by a nose?
• Progress Nashville: Starving the poor, plus Corker wading into 2010 minefield, and Top 10 Progressive New Year's Wishes, Day 1
• Resonance: Pelosi surprised by Republican resolve
• RoaneViews: State Sen.Tommy Kilby on Tennessee's sunshine law, plus Alvin C. York and the origin of turkey shoots
• Russ McBee: State Sen. Randy McNally having second thoughts on changing Tennessee's sunshine law plus, A Christmas story
• Sean Braisted: (back at home) A law firm divided
• Sharon Cobb: Gov. Bredesen should follow Gov. Corzine's lead on death penalty, plus Expect to see Republican politicians, country artists and Ted Nugent on late-nite TV
• Silence Isn't Golden: Reporting in from the Obama Nashville HQ opening, bonus: possibly the stupidest letter to the editor ever, plus (sorry, missed from last week): Happy Hanukkah
• Southern Beale: Ron Paul's true Republican credentials, plus Gift idea for the person who has everything except health insurance, plus 12 Days of Christmas
• Tennessee Guerilla Women: Coverage denied, girl dies and a follow up, plus You're so lame - let the party begin!
• TennViews: Bush to California: Drop dead, plus State Rep. Beth Harwell's toxic toys, and Tennessee election study recommends paper audit trail and other reforms, and 1968
• Whites Creek Journal: Tilt and the gift of the mysterious, plus This technology must be stopped!
• Women's Health News: Spermicide in your hair dye?

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