Monday, December 17, 2007

The True Meaning of Christmas

Erecting white-trashy plastic yard art on public property because the Bible demands display of government-sponsored kitsch (doesn't it?).


And a "Watching the Defectives" update on the two faces of Mike Huckabee:
The candidate's message is also being tailored for his audiences. A TV ad that ran first in Iowa and is now airing in South Carolina calls him a "Christian leader" and emphasizes his unchanging views opposing abortion and same-sex marriage. "Faith doesn't just influence me. It really defines me," Mr. Huckabee says in the opening lines.

But that ad isn't airing in New Hampshire, where Republicans tend to be more concerned with economics than social issues. In fact, in a weekend of events in New Hampshire, Mr. Huckabee didn't bring up abortion, marriage or religion unless asked about it. But at his rally in Greenville earlier this month, he spoke passionately about "the value of life" and issued a call to "protect marriage." "Our worth comes from God," he said.
It's obviously working with the homeschoolers, who seem exclusively reducible to a subset of Christian evangelicals with a political agenda. Funny how "honor thy father and thy mother" can be translated literally to mean "vote as thy homeschooling parents do."

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