Sunday, December 16, 2007

A Dose of Progressive Blogs in Tennessee for the Week

TennViews offers its regular round-up of liberal Tennessee bloggers today:

A weekly sampling from some of Tennessee's best and brightest bloggers:

• 10,000 Monkeys and a Camera: The Myth of "Curing" Homosexuality, bonus: excellent Friday creature
• Andy Axel: The view is exhausting
• BlountViews: Mayor attacks local paper, again, also doesn't like Russian student/cultural exchange program
• Cup of Joe Powell: More on the AT&T statewide cable franchise bill
• Enclave: Tennessee should ban pre-payment penalties, plus Asterisks
• Fletch: Friday bird blogging, plus CNBC's Mr. Drysdale
• KnoxViews: Homeschooling for religious reasons. plus Anatomy of a toxic radioactive plume (at Facing South by way of KnoxViews)
• Lean Left: Financial incentives that discourage pharmaceutical research, plus: Good argument against FISA immunity
• Left Wing Cracker: Dems in Congress: Dance with who brung'ya
• Loose TN Canon: Why pop music sucks
• NewsComa: Savage political season
• Pesky Fly: Harry on hold, plus: Remembering Ike
• Progress Nashville: If the Tennessee Lottery ran elections, plus The failure of privatization
• Resonance: Shared sacrifice, plus House protects Christmas
• RoaneViews: Tax exemptions, good and bad
• Russ McBee: ORNL data theft and me plus, Theme of the day: contempt
• Sean Braisted: (at TennViews) Sumner Dem v. Diane Black
• Sharon Cobb: The only thing the Democrat Iowa caucus will predict is who won't be president, plus Obama's Nashville HQ opening
• Silence Isn't Golden: Bye bye Freddie
• Southern Beale: Dr. Frist's new spots, plus Talking Jesus Action Figure
• Tennessee Guerilla Women: New Jersey abolishes death penalty, plus Huckabee on the Canadian National Igloo
• TennViews: What reporters should be asking candidates (Pam Strickland), plus UT McNair Scholars program in jeopardy (an update)
• Whites Creek Journal: What rule of law?
• Women's Health News: Fetal mortality rates by race/ethnicity, plus Good grooming

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